Change vs. Change

“Change You Can Believe In”
“The Change We Need”

Between Obama and McCain, we have heard enough about these “changes” that we need. Change is needed because the United States is drowning in a sea of issues, let alone the world. So change had become the theme of this election. That is what people desire and also want to hear.

But I am doubtful about the the kind of changes that will happen. Because I believe in inner change in each person. Inner change is the only way to bring about positive change. The change they talk about, not so much. Because they talk about changing the government exclusively, which take the responsibilities off the people.

But they are politicians, they need to win votes. And to win votes they say they will change this and that in the goverment so it makes the society perfect for the citizens. Because they are politicians, it is almost the only way they can act to win. Yep, it sounds great. But if they keep preaching that, that is what the majority of people will believe. They will believe that the government will change for them, and that they are not part of the problem. Then we have a problem. Because…

And the people is an integral part of the system. The government cannot save the people, per se. If each person solely wants to the outter world to change without himself changing, he believes he does not have to change. Such a person is no different than dead because only dead things stop changing and growing. Water that does not flow becomes “dead water”. When the majority of the population believes they do not have to change, we have a dead society. Scary. Plus, when one tries to change the world for himself, bad things can happen.

So in reality, we, both as individuals and a society, are at a crossroad of choosing “inner change” and “outter change”. One vs. the other. To live? Or to die? Though in common sense, perhaps dying is easier.

I believe self-change or inner-change is the only change one can rely on. So how about this:

“Everyone, change or perish”

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Employees and Workers are Humans

A recent commentary in a BusinessWeek talks of a “No Cost Way to Motivate”. In a few words, the suggestion is that if managers start taking an interest in the employees’ personal life (a.k.a. treating them as humans?), they will therefore work harder and with more enthusiasm.

Oh my my, really? We are supposed to treat each other as humans? I did not know that. (Though, if they do it pretentiously, it would mean worse than not doing it… almost insulting.)

To have someone writes such topic in a magazine can only mean that we have failed miserably at it.

It is not difficult for any of us to find examples in our real life. It is not too far fetched to say… most of us at work, treat each other as workers. Personally, I find such difficulty for people to step outside of this framework. We ARE engineers and we work with engineers. Managers see each other as managers, and minions as engineers, etc. When the high level executives look at “us”, we become numbers and headcounts.

Maybe solely for work purpose, it is suffice for us to acknowledge and call each other by our employee serial number. Alright, that’s probably too cynical.

The things I said above, most of us are complying to it. That is why we are such nervous wreck when we need to talk to people “in position”, or people “of seniority”. Note, fear and nervousness is not respect.

A very specific example is a friend who briefly mentioned his recent engagement to manager who took no interest, and not even a second to congratulate. I am not saying we need to have a celebration at work, but no acknowledgement? No wonder we are all miserable workers.

This takes me back to the topic that to truly relate to each others, for us humans to connect, it is a good idea to begin with the basis that we are human beings. We are all connected and that is where compassion arises. With compassion, we are giving each other a hand.

So for both productivity and for our own sake, do we really need to be “more employee” or “more human”?

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Talking Ourselves into Depression – Doom, Gloom, and BOOM

Our thoughts create our reality. There should not be any doubt about that. We think, we translate that into words, and that in turn can influence others around us.

And if you have pay attention to the news lately, the thought of a up coming depression is almost unavoidable. It may indeed be true that the situation is as serious as it sounds, but the media is certainly not helping. It’s no doubt that they are driving more fear than necessary by selling all the drama. And they sell drama because it works… it may not be happy things, but people like it. Almost like we are letting ourselves be talked into a depression by ourselves.

This is another form of people taking things to the extreme. When will people stop buying into drama and see reality as it is and simply change with the change?

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Money Can Buy Happiness

This is a rewrite of a post that I improved and not want buried in archives. I hope you enjoy.

Today is a continuation of the discussion in Money is not the Root of all Evil nor by Itself Evil.
At this point, you should no longer feel negative and apprenhensive about money, learning about money, talking about money, and having money.

Now that we treat money as tool, it follows that the value of money is entirely dependent on how we utilize it. As such, the responsibility becomes yours to decide what to do with your money.

While that mentality is sinking in your mind, let us talk about how money can buy happiness. You may ask, “What happen to the old saying of money cannot buy happiness?” I will clarify the fact remains that money cannot directly buy happiness; however, it is also a fact that money can buy a lot of things, which may or may not bring happiness. And certainly, we all know that money cannot get us everything we want.

Money cannot buy friends, real friends.
Money cannot find you love.
Money cannot magically give you new abilities.
Money cannot revive the dead.

So what then?

Money Means Survival

Remember in the old days our ancestors had to hunt for food and find shelter in caves or otherwise be dead… Well, earning money is a subsitutation for that. Money lets us buy food and a root above our heads. Money allows us to survive in this society. We are animals too, and survival is a priority, so let us be glad that each of us is surviving because we have some money, if not a lot.

Money Provides Sense of Security

Because our survival is linked to money, having more money allows us to thrive by reinforcing a sense of security. Having money saved up means less stress about survival.

How do I pay all the monthly bills?
What if I get laid off?
What if my car breaks down?
What if I have a health-related emergency?

If you have one or more of those scenario above, you can come out with no or less worries and stress if you have enough money. I can subscribe to that because I worried a lot about making it through my graduate school, paying tuition and living expense. Fortunately, I made it out alive in fair shape by taking leave of absense to work full-time and selecting only subsidized loans, along with some support from my dear sister.

Since I mentioned loan, let me add that lowering and eliminating debt has the same effect as having more money. That’s why we should also strive to be debt free.

Money Provides Flexibility

Laid off is mentioned above. If you have money saved up and not have to worry about financial burden such as mortgages, you have extra time to look for your next job. Laid-off aside, if you current job is unpleasant, you can choose to venture into starting your own business, or simply take some time off to find the right direction, or travel the world. By flexibility, we can also think of it as the next topic…

Money Lets Us Manifest Our Values

Despite not able to let you buy everything we desire, you can still put your money to good use toward the important things in your life, like:

  • Continuing education
    With money, you can go ahead and get the master, PhD, MBA, CPA, degree in whatever field you have always wanted
  • Assiting parents and family members
    Some of us have aging parents that could use our help financially. Actually, having money may also make it easier for you to help them out physically too, through flexibility in selecting schedule and location of the new job.
  • Hobbies
    Use money toward the classes and equipments for your favorite hobby. I do for lessons on singing and piano!
  • Buying things that you like
    Let’s be real. We all have things we like. Clothes? Shoes? Watches? Artwork? I love gadgets… A little indulgence can be constructive on our well being.
  • Vacation
    Travel the world. See other cultures and people. Build perception with extra experience. What great ideas!
  • Housing
    Having a comfortable, cozy place to call home lets us feel safe. Though I would say it is overkill where 2 people living in a 10,000 sq. ft. house. Oooooh, ain’t I sarcastic.

After all, it is not About Money…

Being rich does not automatically make you happy.
Nor can being poor make you happy either.

What money can do is… Money can contribute to your happiness depending on how you spend it. Therefore, it goes back to the general theme here that much like success, happiness has everything with knowing yourself and your values. So I suppose I should say that money can indirectly buy happiness, that is, only if you know what you want in life.

You can choose to spend all your money on materials, but that means you value materials above all else. If that makes you happy, be my guest. As Wolverine kindly said to Rogue in X-men: The Last Stand, “I’m not your father. I’m your friend.” I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to get you to think for yourself.

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